Internet Explorer 8

Many of you know Microsoft software over the years has been hit hard by naysayers.  The monopoly victory won a few years ago sent their founder and CEO packing, not to mention their software vulnerability for hackers and viruses.  Microsoft has gone through a lot, and for me personally, I feel they haven’t been the same since Bill Gates stepped down.

They released Microsoft Vista a year or so ago, and since then the complaints have flown in. Despite the sleek look and cool features, most of the computers act like mine- constantly freezing up and crashing, programs not compatible, very slow and sluggish when it’s not crashing.  I think I wait more than get my tasks accomplished, so how is that being productive?

A few months ago I noticed across Yahoo’s homepage a link to download Internet Explorer 8.0 and immediately I was a bit hesitant towards the transition.  I put it off as long as I could, but the mandatory updates caught up with me and so I downloaded it.  Now I think I hate Microsoft; thank goodness for Firefox.

Just using this software today, the day after the install, my computer has crashed a record seven times and has been slower than usual.  Internet Explorer 8.0 will not load all of my info onto Facebook and other networking sites.  I cannot access my government log-in pages nor my bank anymore and now have to use another browser for this purpose.  I installed it on my brother’s computer a few weeks ago and his stopped working, as well. I am simply disgusted with the program, however, there are a few out there who may disagree.  Two out of two computers in my house that have this software no longer can use Internet Explorer to browse the Internet.

What’s even worse, Microsoft was known for the Internet browser and the World Wide Web, utilizing it inside their programs.  There is no excuse to the fallacies contained in something that they invented.

If you downloaded this program and now regret it, you’re not alone, but there are some simple and free options:

FireFox  – or
Safari –   (Mac’s browser that works on Windows; just be sure to download the right platform)
Google Chrome –  (Yes, they have a web browser now, too)

As far as a star rating, I would give this P.O.S. web browser, to say it nicely, a 0.5 out of 5 stars.  This signals the downfall of Microsoft.

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