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ChelseaPerettiUsually when one may become a comedian later in life, it’s fairly obvious at an early age.  The typical M.O. of a future comedian would be the typical “straws up the nose” gig at the cafeteria during lunch, or the produced bodily noises during the silence of the teacher’s lecture. It’s all for a laugh; it’s what makes the class clown.  Yes, comedians often start at an early age, usually popular through school for their antics, and one you don’t want to turn your back on because you never know if there will be a sign stuck to it.  For Chelsea Peretti, she didn’t fall into that category at an early age, she did come out of her shell in the 8th grade, she was destined to make a mark on the world.  “I figured out being funny was a good survival skill in school.”

However, like anything good, you can’t rush it. It takes time to brew and get to perfection before its grand reveal, and that is exactly what happened to Peretti.  Her “class clown” phase didn’t start till she was in 8th grade when she really started to joke around with her classmatesl, but despite her funny side, Peretti really wanted to be an actress; comedy was the cherry on the cake.

It wasn’t until college when she realized how free you are in comedy.  For instance, you don’t have to wait to be told what to do; you have the ability to take the bull by the horns, and with comedy you have more freedom of expression.  Finally, a friend convinced her to try an open mic night at a local New York club called the Parkside Lounge and from that point on, her destiny was carved in stone.  Like it or not, she was a comedienne.

All in all, Peretti has performed on many a great stage doing stand up comedy, but still falls in love with the smaller, more intimate venues.  Making people laugh, breaking the vicious cycle of drama in people’s lives, helps inspire this comedienne to keep doing what she loves best.  Peretti is a skilled artist.  Her canvas is the stage on which she stands.  The paint Peretti uses is a colorful collection of her many jokes.  And her masterpiece?  Making you laugh till you have your drink blow out of your nose.  Ah, the special moments that only a comedienne can treasure.

World’s Dumbest on TruTv

Chelsea Peretti is probably best known right now for her cameo role on TruTv’s hit series, World’s Dumbest.  The series, “in a nutshell,” has videos captured by real people doing, well, dumb things.  The show’s categories include partiers, drivers, and criminals.  As the video plays, celebrities get on and mock the people by making witty observations.

The clips really sell themselves, but these celebrities enhance them even more so with their observations.  Sometimes the funniest part of the video is something they see and point out that we, as viewers, didn’t even catch.

When Peretti originally did the spot, she wasn’t supposed to be on there as permanent, but after only one taping, the show’s producers asked her to come back… and I’m glad they did.

Peretti’s expressions, mixed with her sarcastic tone, helps make World’s Dumbest a success and she’s one of my favorite personalities to watch on the show.  Peretti isn’t alone on the hit show.  There are other celebs such as Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Leif Garrett, Judy Gold, Tanya Harding and more, and when you get them together, it’s an hour of pure craziness.  Just be sure not to drink anything while watching this show because it very well may come out your nose.  Okay, you’ve been warned.

The episodes run on Thursday nights at 9PM.

Other Projects from Chelsea Peretti

Peretti created a series called All My Exes, a web based video series where she sits down with her ex-boyfriends and interviews them like Barbara Walters. What you get is a hilariously awkward video where she makes these guys squirm with questions that would make your mama blush.  Peretti dives deep and personal, describing why she broke up with them and pursuing their answers for why they behaved like they did.

The series doesn’t actually portray her real life ex-boyfriends, but watching the videos you’d swear they were.  According to Peretti, the reason behind the series is, “ I can’t find a decent, lasting relationship to save my life. I thought it would be fun to poke fun at it.” It makes you wonder though if these scenarios are real or not… but we’ll let that be Peretti’s little secret. {wink wink}

You can see this series at

Peretti also created Black People Love Us, a website that hilariously satirized a white couple using black people “to be cool.”   To check that out go to


  1. Chelsea is really good on world’s dumbest. she is never vulgar , but if Chelsea good I would ask her to ask the producers of the show why they let people like Judy Gold even be on the show, for example, the showed aired a holdup in a store out of DeSoto Mo. this is where some boy’s robbed the store and tried to keep the clerks attention by one of the boy’s stripping off naked in front of the female clerk, instead of Judy making a comment on the robbers she makes fun of the clerk because her front teeth are missing. I know this woman and she cannot afford to have her teeth fixed, this extremely effected this woman to where she is totally embarassed to even go to work, why would a show allow a vulgar mouthed person like Judy Gold even on the show, there are others and even though their vulgar words are bleeped out should not be allowed to do so, just my opinion

  2. Bob O'Connell says:

    I think Chelsea Peretti is amazingly gorgeous! One of THE most beautiful women in entertainment today!

  3. Richard Horseman says:

    I agree Bob, Chelsea is hot!

  4. Loved her the first time I saw her. Sexy as hell with a killer smile and sharp wit. She is one of the hottest ladies on TV.

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