Interview with Sunshine and Bullets

Interviewed and Written by Rose Gear

Sunshine and Bullets… who are they?  Simply put, they are one of the coolest bands of all time; a rock fanatic’s dream. Sunshine and Bullets brings a new sound to rock music that’s itching to be heard. They are made up of three powerful performers: Rich Keane, the singer and guitarist, Amanda Hamers, singer and bassist, and the drummer Kyle Wolfman. I had the amazing opportunity to talk to these National Recording Artists on what they love, how their album’s going, and the general life of Sunshine and Bullets.

Expressionist Magazine: How did Sunshine and Bullets get together and decide to make music?

Amanda: We all knew each other through different bands and different projects and it was something new to try.

Expressionist Magazine: How did you decide on the name Sunshine and Bullets?

Rich: We were all going through names. Then suddenly I shot out “bullets of sunshine.” Amanda goes, why don’t we change it around since it sounds like “bullet for my sunshine.” Then that was that, it became Sunshine and Bullets.

Expressionist Magazine: Do you guys have an inspiration or someone you look up to in music?

Rich: Yeah, for guitar players it would be Jimi Hendrix, Mike Einziger from Incubus, and Joe Perry from Aerosmith. For vocalists it would be Brandon Boyed from Incubus and Pete Loeffler from Chevelle.

Kyle: Morgan Rose, Jose Pasillas the drummer for Incubus, and anybody who makes me move.

Amanda: For a bass player it would be Emma Anzai from Sick Puppies, and singer Gwen Stefani.

Expressionist Magazine: How does it feel for your first album to come out?

Kyle: It’s exciting! Pretty tough in the works, but it’s definitely a learning experience. I mean, we were actually in the studio and fans enjoy our work. It took a lot to complete, but it is a good feeling and it spreads like fire!

Expressionist Magazine: What’s the first album Fight for Andromeda about?

Rich: It’s not random. It’s like a theme. CD titles equal code names, kind of like Nine Inch Nails. We thought we should code name ours too. We hired some guy to record us and he took our money.  We ended up recording in a better studio, but unfortunately the hard drive died that contained all of our music. We had to retake all the music. It was a heartbreaker incident, but there was a lot of passion and emotion in the album, which lead to the code name for the title.


Expressionist Magazine: What is your favorite song from the album?

Rich: “When We Fall”

Amanda: “Style,” because it’s fun to play!

Kyle: “If You Only Knew”


Expressionist Magazine: In general how does the whole process of making a song go?

Kyle: It depends on the mood. We start with lyric ideas and melodic ideas then go from there. Vocals and melodies are first, then drums.


Expressionist Magazine: If you had to choose, what is the most favorite place you have played so far?

Keith: CW Network’s The Daily Buzz on television.

Amanda: The State Theater.  I had a connection with the theater before I was in the band.

Rich: The State Theater. They hire real professionals. I also like Corkees because they have the best sounding bar.
Expressionist Magazine: Do you guys plan on doing this for the rest of your life?

Rich: We would love to! It has to be the right person to hear our stuff and give it the old English try, and to take the risk! We’re willing to go forth.


Expressionist Magazine: Do you guys work while being in a band?

Rich: Yeah, full time jobs.


Expressionist Magazine: If you could go on tour with any band in the world, who would you choose?

Rich: System of a Down, Perfect Circle, and Metallica

Amanda: Foo Fighters!

Kyle: Carnival, from Australia. They are incredible live!


Expressionist Magazine: Do you guys have a favorite rock magazine?

Amanda: Used to be Rolling Stone…

Rich: Used to be Rolling Stone, too…

Kyle:  Drum Magazine.


Expressionist Magazine: What is your band’s favorite place to hang out?


Amanda: A venue called Corkees. We hang out there before and after the show. Fun place to hang out! It has really good hot wings, too!



Expressionist Magazine: You have awesome style, Amanda! Where do you shop?


Amanda: I am blessed to have two sisters and a mother. I shop from their closet!



Expressionist Magazine: What’s the most memorable moment your band has had together?


Rich: The first show; it started it all.

Amanda: On live television; we were on the CW Network’s The Daily Buzz!

Kyle: When we go out, hang out, it’s always an adventure.


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