Hank Williams Jr. Fired from NFL Monday Night

Its been over 30 years that we’ve heard “are you ready for some football” sung by the Country legend Hank Williams Jr.  Unfortunately that tradition will come to an end as last week the legendary kickoff of Monday Night Football was fired.

ESPN who purchased the rights to Monday Night Football a few years ago fired Williams for his comments about President Obama.  He openly criticized President Obama as a “mass murderer who tried to destroy an entire race of people”.

On his website following the firing William’s stated this: “After reading hundreds of e-mails, I have made MY decision. By pulling my opening Oct 3rd, You (ESPN) stepped on the Toes of The First Amendment. Freedom of Speech, so therefore Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE. It’s been a great run.” — Hank Williams Jr.”

Who will be introducing Monday Night Football is yet to be seen, but a three plus decade tradition is now gone.  Honestly, like President Obama or not, that statement was not based on sound facts, but did they have a right to fire him?  Did ESPN step on his right to freedom of speech?  Hank Williams Jr.’s comments do not reflect the opinions of ESPN or their affiliates?  To me this does prove that we are not truly “free” to say what we want regardless how right or wrong it is.  I guess American’s do have to be more careful for what they say or face stiff penalties.  True, he’s not jailed for talking about our President but he sure is being treated like one.

Would this have happened had he chastised a Republican or President Bush?  The world may never know!


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