Leave it to Bieber

Justin Bieber has made it a long time without any major scandal or controversy, which is an oddity in the public eye.  I think the worst thing that almost cost him his career was that he cut his signature hairstyle, and that really disappointed the ladies.  Now, Bieber is facing the worst scandal of his career at the age of 17, and should it be true, it could destroy his career.

It’s been alleged that Bieber has fathered a child and the mother is so sure it’s his, she’s demanding a court ordered paternity test to prove what she already knows and will validate her claim for child support.

Now I am personally not a fan of Bieber, but the mother’s story is delusional at best.  If it did happen, it’s a stroke of bad luck and proves that testosterone is the worst thing in the world, making young teenage boys go temporarily insane.

The girl involved states that a security guard saw her getting into a concert, which she attended at the Staples Center last year.  The guard asked her if she wanted to come backstage and meet Bieber after he performed – now what girl would say no to that.  However, why didn’t he take a few of the other thousands of screaming tweens backstage?  Then, her story gets even more strange.  She alleges that when Bieber met her it was love at first sight.  They started making out, then he asked her to come to a place a bit more private, which she obliged.

You’d think it would be his changing room; however, the young pop star took her to the bathroom where she conceived this baby.

Come on, this is a person who rented the very same arena to watch a movie in private with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  So, why in the world would Bieber take this other girl to the bathroom?  I personally think the popular singer is the victim of a girl’s fantasy.  I know this young woman has a child, but she probably thought back to the guy she slept with that is actually the father and said, “Hmm, I have an idea!”  Realizing he would never pay, she went after her dream man.  On the other hand, she may not know who the real father is, and it may get very Maury Povich up in here.

If this is Bieber’s child, it is very out of character for the pop star and this could destroy his career.  Why?  Teen idols don’t tend to have it very easy in their adult years because their fan base goes on to the next young heartthrob.  In other words, these girls throw them to the curb like yesterday’s designer looks. Bieber, being 17, is almost at that plateau where he would make it or become another victim to teenage stardom.  Since he’s at that critical age, and if he has a child, he will no longer be as desirable among teenage girls.  Moms will not want to have their girls look at him as a role model.  It could spell tragedy.  Hopefully, he has invested that money into something other than renting arenas.

Only time will tell, but it’s not looking good for old Bieber!

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