The Bubi Bottle – Review

As an avid traveler I am constantly bringing travel cups and other portable containers with me that I can use on the road.  Most of them are useful but not practical because they are for liquids only.  Then I was introduced to the brand new Bubi Bottle.

This bottle is a 22oz capacity bottle that is made of a flexible high-grade silicone that allows the bottle to be flattened and rolled up.  Its microwave and freezer safe so you can fill it with water and chill it for a long run.

To hold, simply roll it by the ring near the top which also helps you lock the bottle to your belt buckle or backpack when in use.

The amazing thing about this bottle is it has so many uses.  You can fill it with hot water and use it during the cold winter months to keep warm.  It can be used as your everyday carry around drinking bottle.  You can also add dry materials such as flour and sugar to store or tote around, while the air and water tight bottle cap keeps the contents dry.

You can get a bunch of these bottles and store detergents in them and other cleaning supplies like powdered scouring cleaners such as Borax.  You can take out the insert in the bottle’s opening and stash your jewelry, watches, cell phones and other precious items in it when you go to the beach to keep sand and moisture away.

I was really surprised at the functionality of this bottle and how well it rolls up and stores away.  You can have 20 of these take up as much a space as 4 or 5 traveling mugs which don’t offer half the uses this bottle does.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe, which is always a plus these days.

This is a really great item and is worth the money. I highly recommend this product to anyone.  It really is the world’s first scrunchable refillable bottle.

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