Disney Cancel’s Good Luck Charlie


Like all good things, everything must eventually end and Disney decided to end a long successful run of their hit show “Good Luck Charlie“.  The series will end after the 4th season which airs into early 2014.

The show features “Teddy” (Bridget Mendler) the second oldest Duncan child and first born daughter to Bob and Amy Duncan;  who after the birth of their 4th child “Charlie” (Mia Talerico), decides to create these video diaries to help her little sister survive her crazy family.

Each week she takes Charlie through the lessons she’s learned, recaps the crazy and zany incidents her family faced and gives her advice to grow on from her older sister.

As Teddy is now a senior in high school, her time left at the Duncan household with Charlie would be short lived; probably one of the main reasons the show was cancelled as Teddy is now a graduate and off to college.

Other key write offs to prove the show was coming to an end is Teddy’s long time beau “Spencer” left to college in Boston, and Bob’s long time friend and Co-Worker ventured out with his own extermination service placing him in competition with Bob.

Its a shame this show has to end as it’s truly a show anyone can watch regardless of their age or gender.  It was funny, not too kiddish, and still actually provided some good morals along the way.  It’s hard to find shows like that anymore.

After the show ends it won’t be the last you will see of Bridget Mendler as I know she has a promising career as a singer ahead of her.

I anticipate that the last show will feature Teddy going off to college and saying goodbye to her family.  They will probably show the videos to Charlie for the first time as the family gather’s in a trip down memory lane.  It will be interesting to see if they choose that as the theme for the last episode.

Till then you can see new episodes and past episodes each day on Disney Channel.


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